• Workforce Partnerships
    The DRWF supports sector focused workforce partnerships: The Green Jobs Partnership, Long-Term Services and Support, and Hospitality Partnerships.
  • Policy Advocacy & Systems Impact
    The DRWF has released reports about job growth and the future of Detroit with the Detroit Basic Skills Report and the Green Story Report.
  • Community Engagement & Capacity Building
    The DRWF is committed to helping rebuild the community through investing and supporting a jobs alliance and the Detroit Talent Hub.
  • Timely Opportunities
    The DRWF has a local partnership with the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan to improve the hospitality industry in metro Detroit and has also invested with Eastern Market for entrepreneurship opportunities.

Who are you?

The Detroit Regional Workforce Fund (DRWF) is addressing the growing gap between the skills workers in Michigan currently have and those they’ll need to fill the thousands of jobs with family sustaining wages that will exist in our state’s changing economy. To learn more about our efforts, visit About Us.

According to statistical data, Detroit students who fail to graduate tend to encounter more difficulties when it comes to finding a job. There is also a tendency among students to ask for help before they can develop proper skills. As an investment in their futures, many turn to professionals and ask them to “write my discussion board post for me” or “show me how to do it.” Detroit is studying!

Detroit is Working! from Stephen McGee Films on Vimeo.