Total investment committed to date: $2.18 million

Green Jobs Partnership

Detroit Area Green Sector Skills Alliance (DAGSSA) is a designated Michigan Skills Alliance, created to form long-term partnerships between employers and service providers and provide advisement around issues of policy. The Detroit Regional Workforce Fund (DRWF) was selected by the Workforce Development Agency – State of Michigan to create this needed alliance. The role of the DAGSSA is to focus on meeting employer needs and creating job opportunities and career pathways for workers in areas such as energy retrofitting, deconstruction and turning brownfields to greenfields.

As a result of the DAGSSA designation, DRWF hired Debra Rowe as its Green Skills Convener. DRWF’s Residential Training Standardization Sub-Committee, led by WARM Training Center, provided official recommendations to the DOE for National Residential Retrofit Guidelines.


  • Number of job seekers served:  520
  • Number of enrolled in training/education:  305
  • Number of completed training:  299
  • Number of job placements:  227

Long-Term Care Partnerships

Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute (PHI) has entered into a partnership with DRWF as the intermediary for this sector. This investment is an integral connection to equipping low-waged direct care workers with professional development and resources needed to create greater opportunities to career pathways and supportive services. PHI’s Coaching Approach to Communication improves workplace practices and offers employee support to approximately 177 employees.

Investment in phase two of the partnership will allow DRWF to continue to develop this emerging and thriving sector for low-income workers. The employees who benefit from this partnership will be equipped with the skills needed to access and be successful within career pathways offered by their current employers and be more marketable and nimble within the workforce system.

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