Detroit Jobs Alliance (DJA)… Detroit is Working! 

Collectively Creating Pathways to Employment and Careers for Detroit Residents

Why the Detroit Jobs Alliance?

Detroiters need jobs. No single organization, partnership, or model can solve all of the entrenched issues in Detroit. We need an “all hands on deck” approach to creating a neutral space for solving the challenges faced by Detroit’s job-seekers.

The Detroit Jobs Alliance needs you!

We recognize the need for creating a common vision, a shared agenda for action, and a set of norms for how we will work together. So far, a diverse group of community members have attended work groups to share their game-changing ideas.

Through development of a shared platform the DJA is helping:

  • Community-Based Organizations unite efforts to support education and career pathways for Detroit residents.
  • City and state agencies be more effective in engaging the community.
  • Businesses and industries learn how to better access local talent.
  • Detroit residents access the full continuum of support for developing their careers.

Get Connected to the DJA

If you are interested or involved in helping create job opportunities and career pathways for Detroit residents, then the DJA needs you!

To stay informed about the DJA, please click here.

To ask questions or discuss particular issues or ideas, please contact Kendra Howard, Community Engagement Director- Detroit Jobs Alliance at [email protected]

Meeting Records

  • Presentation from DJA Launch Event [5/7/13]
  • Workforce Service Delivery Workgroup Meeting Notes [4/13/12]
  • Community-based Job Creation Workgroup Meeting Notes [4/25/12]
  • Data Driven Action Workgroup Meeting Notes Action Recommendations
  • Alignment and Coordination Workgroup Meeting Notes [5/29/12]
  • Advocacy and Communications Workgroup Meeting Notes [6/11/12] 
  • Feb 9th Introductory Event at United Way for Southeastern Michigan – 2/9/12 PowerPoint Presentation and 2/9/12 Meeting Notes

DJA Background

The effort to build a Detroit jobs alliance is being championed and financed by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund.  Corporation for a Skilled Workforce is managing and staffing the effort.  Detroit stakeholders are being engaged to lead the direction and implementation of the alliance.


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